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Tree Doctor

Make An Appointment With the Tree Doctor For A Checkup!

Just like people, trees that want to live longer and look healthier should get a periodic visit from one of our tree doctors! Also like people, the best way to deal with disease, structure issues and appearance aesthetics is with early detection of problems.

Our Grand Haven Tree Service ISA-Certified arborists are licensed and fully insured to take on any maintenance that your trees may require. Scheduled maintenance of young trees can help you avoid a number of problems down the road.

Emergency Tree Services

Most trees fail during storms because their main branches were allowed to grow in a structurally weak manner or because they were weakened by disease. A short and easy visit by one of our tree doctors for a little pruning, disease detection, and nutrient strengthening could spare you the cost of an emergency tree removal in the future.

Tree Removals

If a disease is allowed to set into a tree or if its structure is allowed to grow weak, large branches or entire trees often have to be removed. At best, the removal of a large branch can leave your tree looking unbalanced and at worst you will face the option of needing structural reinforcement or an entire tree removal. Spare your trees and the costs of future work by having one of our tree doctors visit today.

Stump Removals

After a failed or diseased tree is removed from your property, the stump is another matter. Stump removals are a different challenge, which is why quite a few homeowners settle for having an eyesore in their yard rather than bearing the cost of a grinding or removal.

You could avoid facing these options altogether by maintaining the health and structural stability of your trees early on. A checkup from one of our arborists could end up saving you thousands while giving you the nicest looking trees in your area. Call today for a free estimate on any tree service or maintenance project you may be considering.

If you are looking for tree services, you have come to the right place. We are your ONE STOP SHOP for expert tree pruning, large tree removal, and tree health care by ISA-Certified Arborists and support staff.
We have been taking care of Grand Haven and the greater West Michigan area for over 25 years and we plan to continue for many more. With many long-term clients and word of mouth referrals, we work hard to give you the best tree service at the most affordable prices.
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